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Prairie Reconstruction

Posted on December 31st, 2012

Seeding Prairie with Tractor and Power Spreader

The prairie reconstruction began by planting a harvested soybean field on January 6, 2012, during an unexpected mild weather pattern where temperature reached an unseasonably warm 55F.  The prairie seed was purchased from Carl Kurtz (St. Anthony, IA), who has a long and productive history of prairie plantings in Iowa.  The seed was applied directly onto the harvested bean field with a power seeder and by traditional hand sowing.  After seeding the seed was packed using a cultimulcher and creating a nice finished surface.
As usual, I had plenty of help from Miechelle, and friends Troy Lyons, Nate Young and Randy Lackender (who generously provided the cultimulcher).

Nate, Miechelle and Troy Hand Sowing

Cultimulcher Providing the Finished Surface