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Barred Owls

Posted on January 14th, 2013

Last spring on March 25th, during a walk along the floodplain I came upon a dead tree.  As I approached the tree, an owl flew out.  I noticed  a few feathers around the base of the tree, so reached up as high as I could with my camera and took a blind photo of a hollowed portion of the tree.  To my delight, the photo showed three eggs in the nest!

Eggs Found in Barred Owl Nest

Eggs Found in Barred Owl Nest


After our initial discovery, Miechelle and I found ourselves continually drawn to the nest to check on our new woodland friends.  On a visit to Old Man’s Timber on April 1st, we were excited to see the eggs had hatched and 3 young owlets, with their eyes closed to the world, were resting in the nest!  Another quick photo and we left quietly.

Three Barred Owlets

Look Carefully to See Three Barred Owlets


Two weeks later, and we were back at the timber, once again curious to see our little furry friends.  This time, our photo revealed good news and bad.  Only one of the Owlets remained, but seemed to be doing quite well.  We were sorry that its 2 mates did not survive, uncertain to their fate, whether they were doomed by sickness, lack of nutrient or culled by the mother.

A young owl seems snug in her roost at Old Man's Timber.

A Young Barred Owl Snug in Her Roost at Old Man’s Timber.

Upon our next visit 3 weeks later the nest had been vacated, we assume so that the young and mother owls could move to higher roosts.  Interestingly, each time we visited the birthing nest and departed to the uplands, we heard the mother owl calling to us when we reached the same point on our stroll up the hill, most certainly wishing us a good day.

We are excited to see if the mother owl returns to the birthing nest again this spring.  Will keep all of you posted!